[reportlab-users] Forcing URL's to load PDF's into Acrobat

andrew mercer andrew at sundayta.com
Thu Mar 3 07:58:00 EST 2005


Robin Becker wrote:

> ..... In svn I have added some code into canvas.py (& tested in 
> test_pdfgen_general.py) that changes the way the linkURL method works. 
> Basically I added a kind='URI' argument to linkURL. If you set that to 
> 'GoToR' then we get the behaviour suggested by Andrew. This is not the 
> same as altering the default behaviour though. I'm not sure what would 
> happen if you attempted to use the GoToR action with an html file for 
> example so I prefer to leave the default as is for the present.

Only just been able to try this out.

It does just what I require - thanks.

When convenient if you could allow the Urls to be underlined (see my 
earlier posting(s)) it would help some end users who seem to need that 
to know they are looking at a clickable link. :)

Thanks again for your quick response.



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