[reportlab-users] Running tests after installing

Andy Robinson andy at reportlab.com
Fri Jun 24 04:08:38 EDT 2005

> I think he was running just one test and the output shows it was 
> successful.
> If an error had occurred then we would expect an 'E' not '.' and an 
> error message would have been printed. A problem is that when the tests 
> are run individually the message about where output goes is not printed 
> and then users get mystified about no PDF being produced.

Yes, we should fix this.

My own preference is to detect if the suite/test is running
in a real file system, and if so write it locally and
say 'printed somefile.pdf'  If running in a zip
or unable to write, we could use the temp dir but
should say so.

This would make core development and testing easier too.
Let's try to address it on the trunk code promptly.



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