[reportlab-users] KeepTogether and splitting tables

John Pywtorak jpywtora at calpoly.edu
Thu Dec 22 13:02:09 EST 2005

It would seem like you need to move the table footer out from the body 
and make it a page footer.  Without having done this exactly I would 
think using the platypus onPage handlers would do the trick for creating 
your table footer.  However, if you are drawing borders say and want 
your body table(s) to take up the entire page even if empty then I think 
you may need to look at subclassing the Flowable Table, or creating your 
own that can do that.

Hope this helps.

Larry Bates wrote:
> I have an application that has tables that look like the following:
>            Table Heading
>          Col1   Col2   Col3   Col4   Col5
> Row 1
> Row 2
> Row 3
> .
> .
> .
> Row n
>             Table Footer  
> Problem: How can I keep the table footer together with
> at least one (1) or the rows of the table on a page?  I
> don't mind the table splitting across pages (I repeat the
> heading and column headings properly), I just don't
> want the footer to be on a page by itself.  I wrapped
> the entire table/footer in a KeepTogther but that just
> moves the entire table to a new page which is not what
> I want.
> Thanks in advance for your assistance.
> Regards,
> Larry Bates
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