[reportlab-users] outputfile file problem

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Thu Dec 22 09:49:05 EST 2005

tulga wrote:
> It is ubuntu package same debian. I think last stable version.
> Robin Becker writes:
>> Tulga wrote:
>>> I'm using python 2.3 and reporlab 1.20debian-2ubuntu1 in kubuntu 5.10.
>>> in python 2.4 everything OK. but in python 2.3 not found test.utils
>>> Robin Becker wrote:
>>>> Tulga wrote:
>>>>> Hi!
>>>>> .....
..... so I guess I don't know. Perhaps they left out something.

Anyhow you can always install the very latest code from


untar this in a conevnient location and put the resultant directory (eg 
reportlab-full-20051222) on the PYTHONPATH before the standard ubuntu one.

You can check which reportlab is being used by executing

python -c"import reportlab;print reportlab.__path__"

When that indicates you're using the latest version try running

python reportlab-full-20051222/reportlab/runAll.py

Robin Becker

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