[reportlab-users] RE: Visual editor: what are the objectives?

will at phototropia.org will at phototropia.org
Tue Dec 6 17:39:18 EST 2005

     Cool!  We were going to use R for our graphing(with rpy as our python
adapter and pygtk), but if we use reportlab for our graphing, I can
justify putting hours in this now.
     IMHO, it seems like this should be designed as a gui frontend to
reportlab2.  Reportlab developers/users pick out a subset of features
that the gui frontend supports for our beta release.  The debate
about what to use from reportlab2 might help Andy and crew to
galvanize/make features public.
     I see that others are not as interested in the graphing capabilities
or RL.  However, I need to make this applicable to what my budget
demands I produce.  I will need to make a demo for my people anyway. 
Therefore, I can offer the following now:
    I'll start to build a pyqt frontend to some of the graphing RL stuff 
tonight.  If the larger project comes together, great.  In the
meantime, as soon as I have something up in pyqt, I'll bother the RL
developers to give an idea of how far allong the graphics library is
ie, I read somewhere that 3d graphing capabilities are now in RL, but
the graphics guide doesn't mention it yet.
    I can test/help document the graphics while adding features to my
prototype.  I'm not a good enough OO programmer to be very involved in
the class layout for a bigger project.  Therefore, I will be prepared
to rewrite to accomodate a bigger project.
    I'll follow others' lead for mailing lists etc.

> OK folks, we have 4 volunteers to do Qt, including the 1 who previously
> volunteered to do wx.  That sounds good.
> I suggest I create a project in subversion for this.  Because it might
> have separate licensing, and/or others might fight back with other GUIs
> or newer versions, I will make an 'rlguis/rl_qt_designer' project on
> the trunk.  If it gets going usefully, we'll assist with testing,
> packaging, and coding if time permits.
> Rajeev, can I request you create a very simple 'Hello World' app
> which says 'This will be the editor one day...', any brief notes
> or instructions on what people need to run it, and whatever you
> think is the right directory structure?  I will check this in on
> the trunk.
> What other resources do you want?  Wiki? A basic issue tracker
> account (we have a great one for named users, but not the world)?
> A separate mailing list (maybe later when the requirements are
> clearer?)
> - Andy
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