[reportlab-users] using reportlab derivatives

John Pywtorak jpywtora at calpoly.edu
Mon Dec 5 13:42:26 EST 2005

Just to be clear I am not saying TRML is a fork.  I was actually 
wondering if Will was implying that project when he wrote "several 
extensions/adaptions/forks".  But, I am not sure what forks, or projects 
he is talking about.  TRML was an outside project that had some 
significant discussion on this list.

Rajeev Joseph Sebastian wrote:
> On Monday 05 December 2005 22:49, you wrote:
>>will at phototropia.org wrote:
>>>     There are now several extensions/adaptions/forks to reportlab that
>>>are different projects.  Reportlab has worked VERY well for me, and I
>>>am looking at using pythonpoint but find other third party
>>>versions/extensions.  From reading the mailing lists, it looks like
>>>the reportlab developers have had issue with some of those forking
>>>reportlab.  It looks like these are mostly issues with those forking
>>>not informing reportlab of their plans.
>>>    However, I don't want to be unloyal to a library that has worked for
>>>me, and I am appreciative for releasing such a functional utility.  Is
>>>it cool to use these derivatives, or are there any moral/loyalty
>>>issues here for the enduser?(As they are gpl, I know these are not
>>>legal issues)
>>I have been on this list for a while and the one that stands out is the
>>rml one at http://openreport.org and none others, so I am not sure what
>>other forks you mean.  But, as far as openreport goes it is not an issue
>>as far as being a fork, or derivative, if it really is, which I don't
>>think it is.  All I have seen discussed is the fact that the author was
>>unresponsive, along with their list, and people often come to this list
>>looking for help which we really can't offer.
>>Do you have a specific example of a project you want to use?
> I don't think TRML is a "fork" because I don't think Reportlab RML has been 
> released by reportlab.com ... have you ? I think TRML is an independent 
> implementation, and yes, the author is unresponsive (atleast to me).

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