[Spam] [reportlab-users] RE: Visual editor: what are the objectives?

Fernando Lujan fernando.lujan at terra.com.br
Mon Dec 5 12:35:57 EST 2005

Andy Robinson wrote:
>> I propose a Dynamic Report Toll which one will produce  RL Python file 
>> as output. A import feature could be added later.
>> Maybe a function, receiving the dynamic content as parameters and 
>> producing a PDF file as a output solves this.
>> Later on, we could expand the tool's capabilities, accepting more 
>> formats generating more formats and so on.
>> It could be to Python what the Jasper Report is to Java.
>> This will exactly what I need.
> I agree with these goals - and I think of all the GUI toolkits,
> wxPython is the one I am happiest with.   For me the key factor
> is that it installs without problems on all the key platforms - in fact 
> I've just discovered wxPython is preinstalled on Mac OS Tiger.
> Fernando, how do you want to start?  Do you know enough to
> get something running which others can work on later?  Would you like 
> this to work as a subdirectory of our distribution and to have a
> subversion account?

A subversion account will be very good. I never used wxPython but I 
could to learn it. :)

I didn't know so much to coordinate a entire project... My initial idea 
is to colaborate throught software development. :)

If we have a lider I can collaborate with work. ;)

Since there is a project running with PyQT, why don't we join forces?

Thanks and regards,

Fernando Lujan

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