[reportlab-users] using reportlab derivatives

John Pywtorak jpywtora at calpoly.edu
Mon Dec 5 12:19:04 EST 2005

will at phototropia.org wrote:
> Friends:
>      There are now several extensions/adaptions/forks to reportlab that
> are different projects.  Reportlab has worked VERY well for me, and I
> am looking at using pythonpoint but find other third party
> versions/extensions.  From reading the mailing lists, it looks like
> the reportlab developers have had issue with some of those forking
> reportlab.  It looks like these are mostly issues with those forking
> not informing reportlab of their plans.
>     However, I don't want to be unloyal to a library that has worked for
> me, and I am appreciative for releasing such a functional utility.  Is
> it cool to use these derivatives, or are there any moral/loyalty
> issues here for the enduser?(As they are gpl, I know these are not
> legal issues)
> Thanks,
> Will

I have been on this list for a while and the one that stands out is the 
rml one at http://openreport.org and none others, so I am not sure what 
other forks you mean.  But, as far as openreport goes it is not an issue 
as far as being a fork, or derivative, if it really is, which I don't 
think it is.  All I have seen discussed is the fact that the author was 
unresponsive, along with their list, and people often come to this list 
looking for help which we really can't offer.

Do you have a specific example of a project you want to use?

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