[reportlab-users] RML and Headers

Remy Pinsonnault remy_pinsonnault at roche.ca
Tue Apr 26 13:27:29 EDT 2005

A basic question in RML:

How can I insert a header on each page. 

I can do it this way with repeatrows of a blockTable that extends on more
than one page but is there a better way of inserting headers with RML, maybe
with frames? I can't find an example in the RMLUserGuide... Thanks!

   <blockTable colWidths="19cm" style="general" repeatRows="3">
          <td tal:content="structure here/DDOC_Header">
             Cabecera del documento
             <para style="miparatitulo">
         <td><spacer length="0.2cm"/></td>

Here the is loop that extends on more than one page.


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