[reportlab-users] RML cannot import name ImageReader

Remy Pinsonnault remy_pinsonnault at roche.ca
Thu Apr 7 11:37:14 EDT 2005

I want to import a logo in a PDF with RML (I am using RMLPageTemplate inside

I do <image file="replogo.gif" x="72" y="72"/> like the example in the
documentation but I get an error "cannot import name ImageReader"...

Does someone knows this error? PIL is installed correcly.


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On Tuesday 05 April 2005 06:03 am, Andrew Mercer wrote:
> Does reportlab have a facility that allows the alteration of the Title 
> and Subject of a pdf? The pdf may or may not already have a Title and 
> Subject.

Can certainly be done during creation, however for an existing pdf reportlab

has a commercial product called PageCatcher that I think does what you 

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