[reportlab-users] PythonPoint: how to use Text Render Mode = 2?

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Sun, 3 Oct 2004 08:09:07 +0100

> I am using PythonPoint for a series of presentations. I would like to 
> use an image as a background for my slides (done) and light text with 
> darker shadows or light fill and dark stroke (for better contrast).
> How do I do that? I saw that PDFTextObject has a setTextRenderMode() 
> method that basically sets the 'Tr' operator. How do I use this from 
> PythonPoint?

We have never exposed that in Pythonpoint, nor in Platypus which
is the layer in the middle.  

If you want to do this for ALL the text, it should be quite easy.
Put a line in pythonpoint.py, class PPSlide, method drawOn;
this is called as it begins to draw each slide  (the text render
mode will be forgotten on each new page so needs calling each time).
I think it should persist.

If you wanted a proper paragraph attribute, you would need to add
this in paraparser, and in platypus' own paragraph rendering which
is probably a lot harder.

- Andy