[reportlab-users] barcode extension

Aleksander Piotrowski reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 1 Nov 2004 22:34:23 +0100


I'm maintainer of OpenBSD's ReportLab port.

Currently barcode extension is distributed as zip archive
(http://www.reportlab.com/ftp/extensions/rlbarcode-0.9.2.zip) and I've
got some problems with it. I don't know what tool has been used to
create this archive but unziping it under OpenBSD works with some
special effects (;

$ unzip rlbarcode-0.9.2.zip
Archive:  rlbarcode-0.9.2.zip
warning:  rlbarcode-0.9.2.zip appears to use backslashes as path
  inflating: reportlab/extensions/barcode/code128.py

This warning fools our ports infrastructure. Because of that I had to
create my own barcode archive (it's typical gzipped tar archive) which
my port currently uses.

I would love to use official one but only if you `correct' it. Would you
be so kind as to create gzipped tar archive for me, I mean, for OpenBSD



ps. My port contains fixes for 64bit architectures, check:
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