[reportlab-users] RE: Emailing Corrupting reportlab PDFs

John Pywtorak reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Fri, 28 May 2004 13:29:28 -0700

On Friday 28 May 2004 05:00 am, Andy Robinson wrote:
> Here's the top of one....
> %PDF-1.3
> %=F4=EE=EF=D7 ReportLab Generated PDF document http://www.reportlab.com
> % 'BasicFonts': class PDFDictionary
> 1 0 obj
> % The standard fonts dictionary
> Clearly this is not enough to convince Outlook...

As a wild guess is it possible Outlook is seeing the "http" link and making=
the quoted printable decision off that.  I wonder if that were removed woul=
it not do that.  I don't have Outlook and run a linux desktop, so I can't=20
test.  Just a crazy wild guess.

Johnny P