[reportlab-users] RE: Emailing Corrupting reportlab PDFs

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Fri, 28 May 2004 13:00:04 +0100

> I would guess a comment line with something obviously non-ascii
> at the start of the file wouldn't harm anything, would eliminate
> the problem for those who are experiencing it and could (should?)
> be hardcoded into ReportLab (switchable?)?

We have always had this - the characters for "Tokyo"
encoded in Shift-JIS, which are not only >128 but also let
you tell if somebody reencoded the file. It's in the PDF
spec and has been there since day one :-)

Here's the top of one....

% ReportLab Generated PDF document http://www.reportlab.com
% 'BasicFonts': class PDFDictionary
1 0 obj
% The standard fonts dictionary

Clearly this is not enough to convince Outlook...

Note that if you have _rl_accel installed, all page streams
will be a85 encoded and zlib-compressed; and if you don't
they won't.  Does the original user have this?  Does it
make a difference, Mike?

- Andy