[reportlab-users] How to make smaller PDF?

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Fri, 23 Jul 2004 08:33:09 +0100

This sounds strange.  Is compression on?  i.e. if you look in
the file, are any words in English or numbers from the source
document, or is each page a stream of unreadable 'goop' with
something about 'filters' and 'flate'?

If for some reason zlib is not importable on your system,
compression will turn itself off. =20

If you could cut out and upload one representative page somewhere
we could comment on this; it may be that you really do have a large
amount of information.  Each cell could be doing line dawing=20
instructions, setFont calls and other things; but 50kb of
compressed output for highy repetitive stuff suggests 500kb
uncompressed, which I find hard to believe.



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> Hello.
> I had generated PDF which contains ~1600 A4 pages. Its size is=20
> about ~100Mb.
> Usually, documentation from the Oracle with the same count of pages
> approximately takes up to 7-10Mb only. And, ironically, Oracle's=20
> PDF contains
> images, graphics and so on, but mine only a table grids. Well, I have =
> tell that I use Unicode TTF fonts support.
> Can anybody explain me this? Maybe there is some compression=20
> ability, but I
> just never use it? Or this is TTF support doing this?
> For example, single page PDF takes approximately from ~50 up to ~80Kb.
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