[reportlab-users] ReportLab and Zope - Thursday 22nd July, London

Damon Lynch reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 13 Jul 2004 12:17:05 +1200

On Tue, 2004-07-13 at 00:21, Andy Robinson wrote:
> ReportLab will be speaking at a one day talk in the
> City on 22nd July about the "Zope Economy":
>    http://www.zope.com/Corporate/News/UKConf.html
> This day includes Rob Page, CEO of Zope Corporation,
> as well as a number of UK firms putting Python and
> Zope to serious commercial use.  The event will have
> a business rather than a technical focus.  During the
> ReportLab talk I'll be explaining how ReportLab solutions
> add value and how our reseller network will operate.
> Come and see us there!

Greetings from NZ,

Looks good!  I will not be attending the talk, but if anyone is
interested I have some code that combines CMFReportTool, CMFNewsletter,
and PortalTransport to allow Plone sites to send e-mail newsletters in
PDF format in addition to HTML and text.  I am currently doing a simple
Plone product to separate out the PDF templating out of PortalTransport
(which is where I initially stuck it), so it is more reusable.  When
I've done this I'll check this code into CMFNewsletter and
PortalTransport in the Plone collective.

BTW the author of CMFReportTool copied and pasted the entire
Paragraph.py and made some minor changes in it for use in CMFReportTool,
probably to try to fix bugs.  I'm not aware that these have been rolled
back into the main code.  As a separate issue, the HTML parser in
CMFReportTool needs a rewrite.

Best wishes,