[reportlab-users] Justifying simple text

Charlie Clark reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Thu, 26 Feb 2004 17:58:54 +0100

Dear list,

first of all thanks to Reportlab for making this product available to use. 
I've just started my first documents with it and am slowly getting to grips 
with it and I'm surprisingly successful, I have to add.

I'm working on a small project to create bills on letter-headed PDFs

So far I've got two questions:
1) Using Platypus - if I use canvas.drawImage in myFirstPage(), the image 
doesn't appear in the resulting PDF but any text inserted works fine. It 
works fine when I call insert it in a story. I can live with this but it's 
not the way it should be. Any explanations?

2) Justifying small-blocks of text. I've been through the documentation 
several times. It seems I have two alternatives - work with several 
justified paragraphs or work with text objects. I am currently trying to 
use textobjects but it seems that there is no direct method to justify the 
text. Do I have to do this myself using charspace() and wordspace() based 
on calculations of line length?

Any pointers or even better examples (I learn much better by example) 
greatly appreciated.


Charlie Clark
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