[reportlab-users] Re: Re: How to have multiple adjacent spaces in a platypus paragraph ?

Jean-Francois gosset jfg at netinfo.fr
Mon Dec 20 03:08:42 EST 2004

Robin Becker <robin at reportlab.com> wrote in news:41C47AAA.7010906

> Logically, &nbsp; should be a hard space, but a mistake was made a long 
> time ago and I hesitate to change it now. Traditionally paragraph 
> formatters assume they can break lines where they will and are allowed 
> to mess with space.

One or Multiple "&nbsp;" doesn't give any space (event not one). So, is 
there an usage of this entity and is there really compatibility issues with 
your mistake ?

More generally, I didn't found in documentation the exact use of html 
entities. Could you help ?

> Do you want line breaking and multiple spaces? The XPreFormatted class 
> is similar to Paragraph, but does no line breaking.

I don't want line breaking in this paragraph. So XPreformatted works.

Is this right : XPreformatted is like Paragraph but without line breaking 
and with indent/dedent function ? (perhaps a DocString is missing for 
XPreformatted class :-) ?)

Thank's a lot.

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