[reportlab-users] pdfgen creates corrupted pdf files

Robin Becker robin at reportlab.com
Wed Dec 8 10:37:34 EST 2004

Thomas Zehbe wrote:
> Hi Robin,
> I've search for this file but didn´t find. Meanwhile I tested to make a 
> release version and the bug conditions are changing. No the pdfs are all 
> corrupted at first try. Without the help of the mapi. :-((
> The files loo the same with the ",".
> It seems to me, that there´s something wrong within the embedded python 
> interpreter (dlls loaded at runtime). Perhaps anybody knows which python code 
> ist used to format the numbers in my previous example? Perhaps it would be a 
> starting point for a request on the python list ...
> Thanks

You can download the _rl_accel dll from


place the appropriate dll (2.1/2.2/2.3/2.4 only) in site-packages if 2.3 or 
greater or in DLLs if 2.1/2.2.

The function _fp_str is used to format floating point numbers and it should fix 
this problem. If it does it means I need to fix the python version.

As to the other problem I believe that 2.4 allows for a non locale dependent 
float behaviour.
Robin Becker

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