[reportlab-users] pdfgen creates corrupted pdf files

Thomas Zehbe tz at ingenion.de
Wed Dec 8 10:03:05 EST 2004

Hi Robin,
thanks for your response!

Am Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2004 14:49 schrieb Robin Becker:
> I don't believe we're deliberately changing our output in response to
> locale, but we have other users in Germany/France etc who may know better.
> Could it be that Python is using the locale behind the scenes and it gets
> changed by calling MAPI.
> Do you know if you have the _rl_accel.pyd extension? It has some specific
> code in _fp_str which assumes we might be using ',' for the decimal point
> and converts it back.

I've search for this file but didn´t find. Meanwhile I tested to make a 
release version and the bug conditions are changing. No the pdfs are all 
corrupted at first try. Without the help of the mapi. :-((
The files loo the same with the ",".

It seems to me, that there´s something wrong within the embedded python 
interpreter (dlls loaded at runtime). Perhaps anybody knows which python code 
ist used to format the numbers in my previous example? Perhaps it would be a 
starting point for a request on the python list ...
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