[reportlab-users] Re: pdf's corrupted when emailed, possible solution included

Bobb reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Thu, 22 Apr 2004 12:49:17 -0400

I'm not sure if this helps, Andy, but some of my users get corrupt pdfs
through certian mail clients.
Typically the "free" web based ones (hotmail, yahoo, epix.net etc).  Even
though these same pdfs are ok for others who
are copied on the same email using "regular" (pop3) email.  The only thing I
can prove is that these people should
break down and spend the money ;)


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> > i have the same problem. we generate our pdf on the server with
> > reportlab and send it *immediatly* to the customer. but there are always
> > some customers who complains that the pdf is corrupted!
> The only idea I can suggest here is to generate a zip
> file with a PDF inside it - Python can do this easily.
> I've been emailing MIME attachments with PDFs from Outlook
> for years and never heard of a problem.  If people can
> prove certain mail transfer packages corrupt PDFs, it
> would be good to know that...
> - Andy
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