[reportlab-users] RE: tag handling in paragraphs

Henning von Bargen reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Fri, 30 May 2003 11:45:51 +0200

Christoph Zwerschke wrote:
> Actually there is nothing wrong with it, since the markup is =
understood as
> XML (XHTML) markup, and XML (XHTML) is case sensitive; and XHTML uses
> lowercase tags.
> But if you make it optional and the performance does not suffer, I =
> could be helpful anyway to handle old HTML code.
> > and attrName.lower() !=3D attrName and if self.caseInsensitive.
> > If so, it returns eval(attrName.lower())
> The check "attrName.lower() !=3D attrName" is witless here.

No, it is absolutely necessary.
Otherwise __getattr__ runs into endless recursion; I tried it.

>> I tried German Umlaute (ä etc. in HTML).
> Just want to mention that the named entity ä would not work =
> can only write ä. (However, I understand that in your case you =
> additional problem of a TrueType font, where the problem is the =
> itself, not the kind of markup).
> Robin, did you contemplate making the suggested additions for =
> named entities for Latin-1 characters (such as ä)?

That would be great.
Actually, I tried with "=E4=F6=FC" because I knew that ä wouldn't =
I only wrote ä as an explanation for non-german readers.