[reportlab-users] RE: reportlab-dev list?

Dinu Gherman reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 28 May 2003 15:31:51 +0200

Marc Stober:

> It makes sense to me to have more than one list, I'm just not sure dev 
> vs. users is the right distinction. We are all by necessity Python 
> programmers and would be interested in how to do a better paragraph 
> formatting algorithm or pie chart, for example; on the other hand, 
> there are issues like pyRXP development and certain implementation 
> details where you are not looking to involve the average user. I just 
> ask that we NOT become like the list for another software product I 
> use, where every other message on the "users" list is the moderator 
> saying, 'please post your question to the "dev" list.'

True, but there has been an increase in questions like "how do I use
XYZ to do ABC?" which is ok for a users list, but if I want to pro-
pose changes in the test suite, I'd expect no user to have any in-
terest in that. That kind of thing...

> While I am writing to you, since you built the TrueType support in 
> ReportLab, could tell me what is wrong with the following code that 
> works in ReportLab 1.16, but is keeping me from upgrading to 1.17? 
> Thank you very much! -Marc

(Still) Right list, but wrong subject line, and wrong person!

Please-insert-coin--try-again!'ly, ;-)


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