[reportlab-users] Help making label software match paper

Paulo Eduardo Neves reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Thu, 22 May 2003 00:34:09 -0300

Have you ever tried to print some labels (e.g. Avery) using MS Word? 
Once I had to print almost a thousand labels, and it was one of the 
worst days in my relation with computers.

Some years ago I needed to generate labels and decided to program it 
using ReportLab. Everything worked!!! Today I came back to my program, 
and after upgrading the Report Lab libs, it isn't correct any more. 

It is generating the labels file, but when I print,  the labels doesn't 
match the paper anymore. I tried to change a lot of options in acrobat 
reader (fit to page, paper size etc.) but the only way to print it 
correctly is using ghostview in a linux box, and printing in a windows 
connected printer via samba:-(. I've metered the labels position inside 
the pdf document and everything looks fine. 

I believe that the problem is with some change in report lab lib. Maybe 
some of the experts here in the list can help me?

I'm posting the code below. It is very simple. Running it you have a 
test pdf document (with a grid draw at the borders). The input is a 
list of lists. Each element from the outer list is a label, and each 
element of the inner list is a line in the label. 

The only twist is that the code try to fit the text inside each label. 
First wrapping the words in each line, if the text still doesn't fit, 
then reducing the font. Yes, at the end you have labels with different 
fonts, but you don't need to print everything with a very small font 
just because someone in your mailing has a very long name.

You can see the code here:

Paulo Eduardo Neves
Agenda do Samba & Choro, o boteco virtual do samba e choro