[reportlab-users] tag handling in paragraphs.

Robin Becker reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 2 Jun 2003 10:37:40 +0100

In article <002f01c328de$d32abcb0$271f11ac@zwerschke>, Christoph
Zwerschke <zwerschke@zuv.uni-heidelberg.de> writes
>> We aren't really in the business of making an html look alike language.
>> Personally I always liked n/troff style.
>I agree that XHTML is not the only standard. But from a reportlab user point
>of view, it is a very important one. I think I am not the only one using
>reportlab in a web application environment providing documents alternatively
>in HTML and PDF format. In this scenario it is very desirable that reportlab
>knows as much XHTML as possible, at least the entities.
>Maybe the only problem is that the entities are too hard coded in
>paraparser.py and should be sourced out, so that users could change between:
>from entities import xhtml
>from entities import nroff
>from entities import internalglyphs
>In the course of time, other codings could be added e.g. by Japanese users.
>Maybe you can put in on a todo or wish list, if you haven't got he time to
>realize it.
>(Going even farer, the whole markup language could be sourced out: "from
>markup import xhtml", but let's stay realistic).
.... I think we actually have a plan for doing this.
Robin Becker