[reportlab-users] tag handling in paragraphs.

Christoph Zwerschke reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 2 Jun 2003 10:13:18 +0200

> We aren't really in the business of making an html look alike language.
> Personally I always liked n/troff style.

I agree that XHTML is not the only standard. But from a reportlab user point
of view, it is a very important one. I think I am not the only one using
reportlab in a web application environment providing documents alternatively
in HTML and PDF format. In this scenario it is very desirable that reportlab
knows as much XHTML as possible, at least the entities.

Maybe the only problem is that the entities are too hard coded in
paraparser.py and should be sourced out, so that users could change between:

from entities import xhtml
from entities import nroff
from entities import internalglyphs

In the course of time, other codings could be added e.g. by Japanese users.
Maybe you can put in on a todo or wish list, if you haven't got he time to
realize it.

(Going even farer, the whole markup language could be sourced out: "from
markup import xhtml", but let's stay realistic).