[reportlab-users] czech characters

Milos Prudek reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 01 Dec 2003 10:41:09 +0100

> The problem is that Acrobat Reader (up to v5 at least) does not=20
> contain ISO-8859-2 characters.  It ships with 14 standard
> fonts containing ISO-8859-1 glyphs (and a few more for the
> Macintosh).  So even if we required Unicode input everywhere, all=20
> the people with a non-CE Acrobat Reader would see garbage until=20
> they downloaded the right font packs. =20

Does Acrobat Reader CE contain ISO-8859-2 characters?

> The other approach, which makes bigger files and is slower, is=20
> to always use TrueType fonts, give it UTF-8 inputand it will embed=20
> the characters in the file. =20

Like the following code?

a =3D "=EC=B9=E8=F8=BE=FD=E1=ED=E9"
u =3D unicode(a,'cp1250')
canvas,setfont( "Helvetica", 12 )
canvas.writestring( X, Y, u )

Is this supposed to work in current ReportLab ?

> I would really like it if some other people could do a few experiments
> about making this easier (e.g. assemble fonts and registration

I would love to, but at the moment I'm writing on behalf of my friend,=20
who is new to Python, uses Windows Czech and is very interested in this=20
but his English is poor...

Milos Prudek