[reportlab-users] pagebreaks in tablecells

Thomas reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Thu, 21 Aug 2003 14:08:01 +0200

> ..... at present tables will only split at a row boundary. I suppose it
> would be possible to handle splitting of very long contents in cells to
> make things more flexible.
hm..., yes.
The generell problem we have is, that documents are generated automatically
with contents from an database. Some of our customers produce long
explanation texts which should be given out together with the appropriate
articles in a table-structure.

In runtime I don't know how long these textes factually are, I only know
they could be pretty long, if the weather was fine and the secretary was in
good mood....

> How would we decide where to split though?  Row splits would normally be
> preferred so when should we consider splitting the contents. How do we
> treat parallel cells that don't require a split etc etc?
ok, without knowlage about python and reportlab:
I think the decision for splitting the table should be made in dependence of
the remaining free space in the old page.
And then in my very subjective opinion the "cleanest" way for going further
on is as follows:

i)      the table on the old page should be closed
ii)     a new table should be opened on the new page where....
iii)    ....the first row is empty except the column containing the long

An additional word to ii):
a parameter could be given into the class/function for setting either an
empty tableheader or the default headers.

However: without knowing any python/reportlab suggestions of this kind are
easily spreaded out....

Best wishes and thanks for answering!

Thomas Jung