[reportlab-users] Pythonesque Canvas v0.1 available for download

Jerome Alet reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Fri, 27 Sep 2002 09:44:44 +0200


following the small amusements I've made yesterday, I'm pleased
to announce that you can download PyCanvas from :

PyCanvas defines a Canvas class similar to the pdfgen.canvas.Canvas        
one but features an __str__ method. It works exactly the same, and
produces the same results as the original Canvas class.

But when calling str(YourPyCanvas.Canvas_Instance), you receive
the Python source code which you can run to produce the same
PDF document as your original program.

PyCanvas now deals correcly with PDFPathObjects and PDFTextObjects.

A complex test software which uses Platypus is included but can not 
be redistributed under the same license : PyCanvas' license is 
ReportLab's license but the test program is GPLed. However you can 
use it to see how PyCanvas works well ;-) 

Please consult the README *before* launching the test program.

Any comment or help to squash the last issues is very welcome.


Jerome Alet