[reportlab-users] Using report lab for generating database reports.

Marcos Sánchez Provencio reportlab-users@reportlab.com
10 Sep 2002 20:14:10 +0200

Are there any plans to make a replacement to Crystal Reports (I mean the
early versions, just a graphical layout program to produce reports from
sql execution)? I would surely press to buy that one.

El mar, 10-09-2002 a las 19:09, Andy Robinson escribió:
> > (i) The "story" file is created from the database data.
> >     This story could be RML markup 
> >     (sorry, but I think that RML is still too expensive)
> Just a brief note.  We decided to drop the price of RML
> to USD / EUR 3000 some time ago.  We have been too busy
> to announce things and update literature, but if the lower
> price makes it interesting then please contact me directly.
> Most big companies would find this price a good deal if it saves
> them a couple of weeks development.
> Also, members of the user group should never be afraid to ask
> for our opinions or to discuss how we would tackle these
> problems; we can be flexible on price when dealing with experienced 
> Python programmers who won't be a support burden, or if we see
> some future potential there, or if you are a potential "dealer"
> for our products.  
> It is MUCH more cost effective to use RML and some of our other 
> tools and methodologies, especially if non-programmers might want 
> some control.
> On a related point, would members of the user group like to
> see or hear more about how we tackle problems with our
> commercial tools, or would you prefer that kind of thing
> to be kept on a separate list?
> Best Regards,
> Andy Robinson
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