[reportlab-users] Using report lab for generating database reports.

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 10 Sep 2002 18:09:35 +0100

> (i) The "story" file is created from the database data.
>     This story could be RML markup 
>     (sorry, but I think that RML is still too expensive)

Just a brief note.  We decided to drop the price of RML
to USD / EUR 3000 some time ago.  We have been too busy
to announce things and update literature, but if the lower
price makes it interesting then please contact me directly.
Most big companies would find this price a good deal if it saves
them a couple of weeks development.

Also, members of the user group should never be afraid to ask
for our opinions or to discuss how we would tackle these
problems; we can be flexible on price when dealing with experienced 
Python programmers who won't be a support burden, or if we see
some future potential there, or if you are a potential "dealer"
for our products.  

It is MUCH more cost effective to use RML and some of our other 
tools and methodologies, especially if non-programmers might want 
some control.

On a related point, would members of the user group like to
see or hear more about how we tackle problems with our
commercial tools, or would you prefer that kind of thing
to be kept on a separate list?

Best Regards,

Andy Robinson