[reportlab-users] PythonPoint Philosophy

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Sat, 9 Nov 2002 09:39:39 -0000

> What does XML do for me?

The theory is, XML magically multiplies your share price by
10 for no additional functionality ;-)

> I think it would be easier to create and easier to edit, you'd get bette
> r diagnostics, and it would be faster to boot.

Well, we did that for you.  Look at the code!  Although I think
the class names look like "PPPresentation", "PPSlide" etc.
Once you get down to a frame, you are in Platypus territory.
Just use those classes and it will work fine.  Try it and
let me know how it works....

PythonPoint is better if you have some kind of XML editor
(HomeSite, XML Spy) which can auto-complete, colorize and suggest
attributes for you.  It's better if you don't know Python.
But it really needs integration with some Structured Text
system so you can 'match up' some indented text you can type
fast with a 'slide template', and then crank out most 
of them fast.