[reportlab-users] Release 1.16 preparations and more contributors.

Magnus Lycka reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 06 Nov 2002 15:40:01 +0100

At 08:42 2002-11-06 -0500, Laura wrote:
>Testing should be very automatic and easy.  Anything harder than
>'make test' or 'make test all' will get skipped at the worst possible time.

Maybe it would be useful with some kind of automatic
test and build arragement, like the Snake Farm does?
Even if everybody will run unit tests before checkin,
they can't possibly do that on all platforms (or all
Python versions).

Will the Snake Farm take on things in addition to core
Python now?

Will ReportLab 1.16 be ReportLab-in-a-Tie? ;)

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