[reportlab-users] pdf printing

Harald Lux reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Sun, 5 May 2002 15:44:42 +0200

Montag, 8. April 2002, 16:01 robin@reportlab.com wrote:

> In article <9046952602.20020408140705@lux.de>, Harald Lux <info@lux.de>
>>Now I need to implement batch printing on a linux server. I tried
>>pdf2ps and then printed on an PS-Printer and also via Hylafax and the
>>result looks ugly.

> acroread has command line switches to do printing under linux; my help
> file on win32 doesn't seem to tell me about it, but there should be some
> help from acrocread using acroread -h or something like that.

thanks for your help, this worked and got my running, but "acroread
-h" needs an X-server running which I don't have on my server.

I finally found pdstops which is already used as
filter by cups on my server. My with reportlab generated and with
pdftops converted files look now nice for the receiver after sending
them with hylafax.


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