[reportlab-users] Anybody else hungry for Image shapes?

Laura Creighton reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 14:27:17 +0200

Since you aren't dependent on any rasterising, bitmaps and picmaps are
a subset of the things you need a name for.  If you forget, for a
moment, the contents of the Image, are you left with what are usually
called 'figures', 'diagrams' or 'plates' in books?  When we were
typesetting books, we called all of these things 'regions' and
sometimes 'rectangular regions' -- or 'keeps' if the important thing
to remember about the wretched thing was that you could not split them
over a page.  Some authors wanted their keep exactly where it followed
logically in their argument -- and if that meant that one page was 
mostly blank, so be it.  Others wanted the keep to show up 'the
next time you have enough room for it' which was sometimes tricky.

Laura Creighton