[reportlab-users] Python Cookbook (Was: thread safe ?)

Dinu Gherman reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Tue, 30 Jul 2002 08:48:31 +0200

Aaron Watters:

> [...] The
> only reason I can think of is that code that ReportLab is integrated
> with is not flexible enough to allow subprocesses, which is not a
> good reason in my book (unless we're paid, in which case the customer
> is always right! =A0:) ).

Speaking of books, I got my copy of O'Reilly's Python Cookbook a few
days ago and while I'm very pleased with the result, I think it's
a pitty that there is not a single snippet in it to produce "enter-
prise documents" (avoiding the name "report" here on purpose).

Ideally, this would have been a dedicated section on the ActiveState
Python Recipes website, introduced then in the book by Andy. Has no-
body asked you, Andy? Well, maybe in the next edition...?