[reportlab-users] Insert a chart in a pdf...

Marcus Vinicius Laranjeira reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 15:03:36 -0300


I have one doubt... I am inserting some charts in a pdf using a frame and 
some page templates,.... but the images seems to loose resolution when they 
are inserted in the flowable...

I think that the process I am doing this is wrong:

1- I create the pdf canvas and I add a frame on it
2- I create the graphic in a drawing and render it as a png (I tryed with 
all kind of graphic type supported by pil)
3- I add the graphic file to the frame... (sometimes I need to resize it so 
it can fit)

Is there a way to insert the drawing directly on the frame flowable instead 
of creating a file and then inserting this file in the frame !?

Thanks a lot,