[reportlab-users] Huge PDF problem! ,-)

Robin Becker reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 3 Jul 2002 15:03:37 +0100

In article <1025701830.3d22f7c672988@webmail.in-berlin.de>, Dinu Gherman
<gherman@darwin.in-berlin.de> writes
>Robin Becker <robin@reportlab.com>:
>and is displayed ok using Preview.app on OS X, when used
>in *some* way (dragging the file over the Preview icon).
>So, it could be really, as Bernhard describes, an imple-
>mentation issue, rather than a PDF limit...
absolutely! It's an implementation issue related to postscript and the
nature of the primitive micro-processors they had it running on at
first. Note that the spec disallows exponential notation so very large
numbers are going to be tough. Interestingly even if Adobe went 'float'
some things could still be hard as the Freetype library does its stuff
in 16.16 format. ReportLab doesn't use FreeType, but we certainly
considered it.
Robin Becker