[reportlab-users] Release 1.17 and Mac binaries

Dirk Datzert reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Sat, 14 Dec 2002 11:50:19 +0100

Dinu Gherman schrieb:
> Dirk Datzert:
>      I would made linux RPM files from pyRXP and _renderPM if wanted !
> I know there is quite some meta info going into these packages,
> but is there *some* way to automate this, at least partially,
> maybe?

Which meta info do you mean ? I made RPMs with the setup.py command,
I changed a little to do the bdist_rpm job well.

> http://me.in-berlin.de/~darwin/cvspysf.rdf
> http://me.in-berlin.de/~darwin/cvsrlsf.rdf

I looked at the RDFs but I did not understand what this has to do
with RPM ?
> An automatic build triggered by a new CVS tag would be quite nice,
> unless, of course, this is on the PBF/snakefarm's todo list, but
> well... I think I'll give it a try next week...
> ready does, silently, make Debian packages for reportlab, but I'm

Ok, I will be more precise: I would made RPM for SuSE linux, if wanted !