[reportlab-users] Submit code changes for consideration

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 15:25:07 -0000

> I've recently joined this list after getting involved in creating pdf
> tables and charts using Reportlab in a wxPython project for the
> first time
> and I'm *very* pleased with the way it has gone.

One thing which would be really cool and useful is a little
sample app in wxPython showing how to do this, if you have
time - just the basics to show a non-wx person how
to open and display a dynamic chart. Ideally
we would collect these for Tkinter, wxPython, Zope
and other web frameworks and put them in our docco.

> Possibly through my own ignorance, I found it necessary to make a few
> small changes to the charting software to achieve what I wanted. Is there
> a process for having these reviewed to see if they might be generally
> useful?

You've just followed the procedure perfectly :-)  The challenging part
of the process is for us to actually review these and check them in
when we have 5 customer deadlines and 50% of the staff off with
flu....hassling and reminders are sometimes necessary.

> The changes are:
All sounds sensible, we will review and try to work these in
next week.


Andy Robinson