[reportlab-users] Release 1.17 and Mac binaries

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 14:06:39 -0000

I hope we can do a release 1.17 before Christmas,
probably late next week. We have some new chart types
and features and the usual minor enhancements;
and I hope coordinated releases of preppy and
pyRXP with new functionality.

One thing I would like to focus on is improving the
setup process.  Talking evaluators through the setup
process for all their machines is becoming a real
pain for us ;-)  3 things will help everyone:

1. distutils setup script - we could really use help
on this from people who have built them before.

2. Is any kind person able to recompile some C libraries
for MacOS 9 so we can offer those on the site?
(OS X is presumably not a problem as everyone has
a compiler).  

3. RPMs, Debian packages etc. - we don't have resources 
to test them but if anyone (Michael Geddert?) wants to 
make them we will happily put them in a download area.

So, we will try to 'hold the code steady' next week for 
a few days so others can help out on this, try their
distro technology and thus leave time for changes to
the setup script.

thanks very much,

Andy Robinson

p.s. you can also start sending the usual reminders about
patches we have forgotten ;-)