[reportlab-users] Preformatted problem with split and join error

Remy C. Cool reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 9 Dec 2002 15:25:46 +0100

On Monday 09 December 2002 14:59, Remy C. Cool wrote:

> flowable = Preformatted('this is preformatted text ... <b>t h
> i s i s  f a t</b>', self.styleN, bulletText=None, dedent=0))
> When I want to check if this text will fit into the frame (object),
> I use:
> flowables = self.document.object.split(flowable, self.canvas)
> The result is a list with 2 flowables ... one with the text and one
> empty with just a newline character. This happens even if the
> flowable fits nicely into the frame. No problems with Paragraph or
> XPreformatted flowables.

When I change the code in platypus flowables preformatted 

def split(self, availWidth, availHeight):
        #returns two Preformatted objects

        #not sure why they can be called with a negative height
        if availHeight < self.style.leading:
            return []

        linesThatFit = int(availHeight * 1.0 / self.style.leading)

        text1 = string.join(self.lines[0:linesThatFit], '\n')
        text2 = string.join(self.lines[linesThatFit:], '\n')
        style = self.style
        if style.firstLineIndent != 0:
            style = deepcopy(style)
            style.firstLineIndent = 0

	# edited to return only one value if text2 is empty
        if text2:
	    return [Preformatted(text1, self.style), Preformatted(text2, 
	    return [Preformatted(text1, self.style)]

After this 'crude hack' (if you can call it a hack :)  my program 
works and does not create an empty preformatted flowable after the 
split function. I don't know what further impact this has on the 
preformatted flowable because  I presume that returning two 
preformatted objects has a purpose. (?)