[reportlab-users] Preformatted problem with split and join error

Remy C. Cool reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Mon, 9 Dec 2002 14:59:34 +0100

Still busy with a reportlab test project, I stumbled into the 
following problems.


preformatted text ie: 

<pre>this is preformatted text ... <b>t h i s  i s  f a t</b></pre>

is 'made' into a Preformatted text flowable with:

flowable = Preformatted('<pre>this is preformatted text ... <b>t h i s  
i s  f a t</b></pre>', self.styleN, bulletText=None, dedent=0))

When I want to check if this text will fit into the frame (object), I 

flowables = self.document.object.split(flowable, self.canvas)

The result is a list with 2 flowables ... one with the text and one 
empty with just a newline character. This happens even if the 
flowable fits nicely into the frame. No problems with Paragraph or 
XPreformatted flowables. 


When I insert a print statement right after the split function above, 
to printout the returned flowables and use the AddFromList function 
later on to add the flowable to the frame ... I get an error:

line 222, in __repr__
    text = join(self.lines, "\n")
NameError: global name 'join' is not defined

Examining this file I found:

class Preformatted(Flowable):
    """This is like the HTML <PRE> tag.
    It attempts to display text exactly as you typed it in a fixed
    width "typewriter" font.
    The line breaks are exactly where you put
    them, and it will not be wrapped."""
    def __init__(self, text, style, bulletText = None, dedent=0):
        """text is the text to display. If dedent is set then common
            leading space
            will be chopped off the front (for example if the entire
            text is indented
            6 spaces or more then each line will have 6 spaces removed
            from the front).
        self.style = style
        self.bulletText = bulletText
        self.lines = _dedenter(text,dedent)

    def __repr__(self):
        bT = self.bulletText
        H = "Preformatted("
        if bT is not None:
            H = "Preformatted(bulletText=%s," % repr(bT)
        import string
        text = join(self.lines, "\n")
        return "%s'''\\ \n%s''')" % (H, text)

Join could never work since it's not imported. It works when  I change 
the line from:
 text = join(self.lines, "\n")  
 text = string.join(self.lines, "\n")