[reportlab-users] Zope RenderPM vs. commercial package

Dirk Datzert reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Thu, 05 Dec 2002 20:39:58 +0100

> The only problem with renderPM is the name; we use that name
> for one internal component or our library and you use it for
> a higher level product with our library inside it.  I think
> this is confusing. If we can come up with something cool-sounding
> that implies "reportlab", "graphics" and "Zope" would you consider
> it?

Yes I agree. The project started with intention to use the
RenderPM.py for generating charts, but it growed. Now it used
RenderSVG and RenderPDF and the name is no longer a good idea.

any cool suggestions are welcome.