[reportlab-users] Zope RenderPM vs. commercial package

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Thu, 5 Dec 2002 17:07:34 -0000

> I read your mail today that reportlab has a commerical
> package for Zope.

No we don't.  I would never bother trying to sell stuff to
the Zope community.  We have some commercial components
we call 'Diagra' which are sold as part of larger solutions.

> Where can I read more information about that ? Maybe may development
> of Zope-RenderPM can be superseeded with your commercial package.

I have another hope in mind:  that we can mutate Diagra into
something where the Python community gets a really good
'chart server' framework usable with CGI, mod_python,
Twisted, Zope etc etc, but we well a 'drawing design tool'
and a 'chart serve' for others who do not wish to know about
Python.  This might mean that a lot more Zope users might get involved
in writing new chart types.  I think the population of people wanting
to do nice graphics on the web is larger than in PDF.

The only problem with renderPM is the name; we use that name
for one internal component or our library and you use it for
a higher level product with our library inside it.  I think
this is confusing. If we can come up with something cool-sounding
that implies "reportlab", "graphics" and "Zope" would you consider

- Andy