[reportlab-users] Spider plot checked in

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 01:23:30 -0000

> transparency is available with PDF 1.4, but sadly it has more than just
> alpha ie there's shape which somehow controls the blending at the edges.
> If we had access to the internal rendering engine we could do the same
> in other models. All the smart people in the Gnome/Mozilla world seem
> unable to make libart work well at bitmap intersections. I know that PDF
> uses a fixed point representation, but that just puts off the evil day
> when you have to decide what things cross and what don't; when that day
> comes you need to go onto the grid and the set of all grid crossings is
> of zero measure in the original space so then you need to ........ zzzzz

The conclusion I draw from this is very simple.  No rush to
support transparency, and to paraphrase Spinal Tap, libart 
is one of those things "best left not understood" :-)

- Andy