[reportlab-users] Flowing Text Around a paragraph.

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Fri, 23 Aug 2002 09:10:09 +0100

In article <3D65EAAD.1040107@centurysoftware.com.au>, Adam Summers
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Actually if you know that a particular paragraph will contain the image
then it shouldn't be that hard to create a combo class.  Paragraphs
currently know how to do varying line widths so the flowing round bit is
relatively easy. In Platypus the problem is mainly how to do

It's a long weekend in the UK as Monday is a bank holiday. Let me think
on this further.

>Hi all,
>I've been using reportlab for a little while now, but have a problem
>which I can't find a solution for.
>XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  -----------------------
>XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  If you imagine that the box of X's tothe left is
>XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  an image, what I want to be able to do is flow a
>                   series of paragraphs around the image
>so that once the bottom of the image is reached, then text will flow back to the
>left margin. I know that it would be possible to something like this
>using tables, but I can't see how to have a generic solution.
>There are two examples of this in the demonstration section of the reportlab 
>If you look at the "minimal" euro python conference brochure, at the end of the 
>timetable section (page 8), there are adverts for "AdSu" and "O'Reilly". I can 
>see how the AdSu one might be done generically, but the O'Reilly, unsure...
>I guess I'm hoping that I've missed something, and that
>it's actually easy to do using platypus.
>Adam Summers
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