[reportlab-users] HSV color space conversion functions

Andy Robinson reportlab-users@reportlab.com
Wed, 14 Aug 2002 14:34:41 +0100

> OTOH, I see more and more places where the code tries to be
> clever about the Python version and the presence or absence
> of modules. This is a slowly, but steadily increasing pain.

I think it's a sad feature of being in the real world.
It is always nicer with 'version 1' when you don't
have to worry about compatibility. We always aimed
to run across Python versions, downgrade gracefully
when accelerators aare not present, and handle transitional
warts like 'import Image' versus 'import PIL.Image'.
And sadly we are a 'library' and not an 'end product' and
we cannot know who is using which feature; so we 
can't just embed Python and say 'download the latest'.

I would welcome suggestions on better ways to manage this.  

The best I can suggest is that
at some point in the next 18 months we should do a
clean '2.0' which drops some backward compatibility and
uses features of the latest stable Python.  We will then
probably have to maintain the 1.x branch for a while as