[DogParkList] MacloggerDX 5.X and Icom 7800

Don Agro dagro at dogparksoftware.com
Sat Mar 21 22:14:43 EDT 2009

Hi Jeff,

I have forwarded this to the dogparklist. You might want to subscribe
to it rather than the contest list for general radio connection

On 21-Mar-09, at 8:23 PM, Jeffrey A. Steinberg wrote:

> My MacLogger 4.4 worked fine with my keyspan USB/Serial 4-port

> device and my rotator (Green Heron--DCU-1 emulation at 4800 baud)

> and my IC-7800). If anyone has this combination (radio and

> Maclogger) would you be willing to share configurations over the

> phone. If so, can you PM me or reply to this e-mail letting me

> know. Put your call in.


> Currently my 7800 is set to CI-V baud rate auto, address: 6Ah, CI-V

> transceiver ON, RS-232C Function Decode, Decode baud rate: 98600.

You mean 9600 not 98600 don't you ? The radio and MacLoggerDX have to
be set to the same baud rates.

> Preferences on the radio is serial port, keyspan serial port id,

> 9600 baud, 2 stop bits, icom-7800, DTR yes, RTS yes, command delay

> 0ms., icom address 6A.

You want 1 stop bit not 2.

> --Jeffrey Steinberg



> Thanks in advance. This is frustrating because it worked in 4.4

You also mentioned that it was working with V5 but then stopped when
you rebooted:

On 21-Mar-09, at 5:51 PM, Jeffrey A. Steinberg wrote:

> I had it connected but after a reboot, no connection.


> I tested the keyspan on my automated telescope and all is well with

> all 4 ports..

73 Don Agro VE3VRW

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