[DogParkList] Fwd: K1EL Winkeyer support in MLDX V5.x?

Jonathan G0DVJ g0dvj at amsat.org
Tue Feb 24 19:13:16 EST 2009

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> From: Jonathan G0DVJ <g0dvj at amsat.org>

> Date: 24 February 2009 19:59:17 GMT

> To: macloggerdx at yahoogroups.com

> Subject: K1EL Winkeyer support in MLDX V5.x?



> I mentioned this a while back .. I can't recall any replies but I

> would still be astounded if no other MLDX users also have WK from

> K1EL systems for keying so I am assuming as always that there is a

> certain level of apathy on mailing lists.


> Looking at the K1EL site (http://k1el.tripod.com/software.html) ...

> I now see that MLDX (albeit slightly mis-named but correctly linked)

> does support WK, being listed there as one out of 33 packages

> (reproduced below) that do support it. This wouldn't surprise me in

> that the MicroHam keyers all have WK inside and they are definitely

> supported. However having kitted my shack out with WK for CW keying

> (and microHam for USB / audio interfacing) I am not about to change

> the hardware. I hope its just me that hasn't found out how to make

> it work yet but if not, then to know it would be considered for the

> future (once the current frenzy of beta activity has subsided) would

> be great ... as I realise Don is full steam on getting existing

> things sorted right now. Alternatively if anyone else has made it

> work then please share your experience.


> 73

> Jonathan G0DVJ

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> microHam

> U.S. Interface

> Ham Radio Solutions

> Rig Expert

> dxBase

> StarLog

> N1MM Logger

> WinLog32

> RCK Log

> LuxLog

> SD by EI5DI

> RCS by N4PY

> TRX-Manager

> MixW

> WriteLog

> Ham Radio Deluxe

> Win-EQF

> Logger32

> RoverLog by N1MU

> Win-Test

> DXLab Suite

> AC Log by N3FJP

> PDA's LOGic8


> CommCat by W6HN

> XMlog

> CQ/X de NO5W

> TurboLog

> MacLogger Deluxe

> KB for Max OSX by W6EET

> Linux Daemon for WK by PA0R


> TR4W by UA4WLI


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